• Product FAQs

    Is RezVera safe? 
    Yes. RezVera is made of 100 percent all-natural ingredients and has no known side effects. As always, please consult your doctor if you have questions about combining our product with other medications.


    Where is RezVera being manufactured?
    RezVera is manufactured in the United States by a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified manufacturer.


    Is RezVera safe for children? 
    Yes, as it is a dietary supplement made from all-natural ingredients.


    Does RezVera have any side effects? 
    No. RezVera is a dietary supplement, not a medication, made from all natural ingredients and can be taken without fear of harmful side effects. However, we caution against taking RezVera if you are allergic to Aloe Vera or grapes as these or their derivatives constitute our main ingredients.


    How and when should I take RezVera? 
    We recommend maximizing RezVera’s efficacy by taking one or two capsules after each meal.


    How many pills are in a bottle? 
    Each bottle of RezVera contains 90 pills.


    Does RezVera contain gluten and shellfish? 


    Is RezVera safe for vegetarian/vegan? 
    Yes. The ingredients are plant extract, but the capsules are gelatin-based collagen made from various animal by-products.


    Is RezVera available in any other retail stores? 
    RezVera is only available online as we work with retailers to make it available in brick and mortar locations.


    Is RezVera FDA approved? 
    No. FDA approval is not required for dietary supplements, though we do follow FDA-approved guidelines as a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified manufacturer.


    How big is the pill? Is it hard to swallow? 
    Each pill is 2cm x 0.5cm, and also can be ingested by opening the capsule and taking the powders.

  • Shipping FAQs

    What are the shipping costs? 
    Standard shipping is $6.95 and priority shipping is $13.95


    What is the shipping carrier & delivery time? 
    We ship via USPS. Delivery time for standard shipping is 5 to 7 business days and 2 to 3 days for priority orders.


    Do you ship outside the United States? 
    RezVera is now available in both US & Canada


    Do you ship to a P.O. Box? 

    How do I check the status of my order? 
    Your order status can be confirmed by calling the RezVera customer service department at 888-687-8813

  • Payment FAQs

    What type of credit cards do you accept? 
    We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and debit cards with the Visa or Master Card logo.


    Can I pay by cash, check or money order? 
    No. Only the credit or debit cards mentioned above are accepted for payment on RezVera.com.


    Why is there a $1 charge on the credit card? 
    A $1 charge will appear on your debit or credit card as a placeholder until the card is verified. Once the card is verified, the $1 is removed and the full transaction amount is processed.


    Customer Support FAQs


    What if RezVera doesn't work for me? 
    If RezVera doesn’t work for you, simply follow our refund policy for a refund


    Do you provide any guarantee? 
    Yes. If you are not satisfied with RezVera, unused product can be returned within 60 days for a full refund.