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  • elizabeth

    for pass 3yrs i have been have problem of bloating, gas, constipation, and burping i have be to doctor no improvement i cannot eat anything after 8pm at night, if try i will have constpation gas burping etc. or throw up. so to cut the story short iwant online to find a solution to this problem and i find this product rezvera and i said let me try it . it is the best product i have ever try, i have been taken this product for 3wks now, no more constipation, gas ,bloating, burping. and i can eat any time of the night, is God sending medication thanks to the company who made this product.



    Prior to my order, I had called my GI Doctor in desperation. I couldn't get an appointment foe three months. I was scrolling through websites to see what others had to say that might be helpful for IBS.
    I read the review for ResVera and thought I'd take a chance. I have had IBS for twenty years, and it had gotten worse than it had ever been. Within a week after taking ResVera I noticed a difference. I can't say I'm perfect, but I am able to leave the house without anxiety! I will continue to take ResVera and have recommended it to others. It's almost a miracle for me!


    Sheilah Bower

    I'm delighted to say that RezVera works! I was skeptical at first; I had tried so many other digestive aid products, but none delivered what they promised. RezVera does! Before I started taking it, I would experience sharp stomach pains, bloating, and sometimes vomiting after meals. Since I've begun using RezVera I am--incredibly--symptom free. The ability to eat, knowing I won't "pay for it" afterward, is exhilarating. My son, who has GERD, is now taking RezVera also and says it does him more good than his prescription medication.



    I love RezVera! I had stomach issues for nearly a year and felt hopeless. I didn't really want to leave the house because of my stomach. My mom found RezVera for me and I tried it but didn't expect much. I can eat ice cream and pizza now and with RezVera, and I feel great. I wouldn't have been able to do that a year ago. I will say, I combined RezVera with a lot of prayer, positive thinking, a pretty strict paleo diet and organic whole leaf aloe vera gel, fennel tea, and peppermint tea. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone and I plan to continue taking it.


    Lessie Coloma

    My daughter, age fifty-five, who has IBS, suffered from severe diarrhea and nausea daily for many months, possibly a year or more. Her doctor prescribed a medication for the problem, but it didn't help. She was hardly eating at all, and lost weight and became anemic. Everything she tried to eat made her sick, and virtually every appointment that was made for her had to be canceled because of the diarrhea. We tried everything we could think of to help the problem, but to no avail. In desperation I went online to look for something that might help her, and found your site. I ordered a month's supply of Rez Vera, hoping that it wasn't just another pitch that promised to work wonders, but didn't live up to its claim. It seemed like a miracle when shortly after she began taking Rez Vera, the diarrhea subsided, and she began eating normally again, no longer suffering from her horrible problem and the awful pain that went along with it. We are both so grateful that we discovered your amazing product, and hope we'll never have to be without it.



    I've had over 10 years of IBS and was never comfortable. I've been taking RezVera for 3 weeks now and have seen unbelievable improvement! I feel as if I'm completely back to normal! Thank you so much for this amazing product!


    Darla Mason

    This product has helped the constipation, bloating, gas, problem I've had more than anything else I have tried. I had become dependent on herbal laxatives but they were harsh on my system and hard to regulate. Although I still use one herbal laxative, it is only a very small amount compared to what I had been taking. Glad I tried this! Thank you!!


    Sally Scarce

    OMG! Your product is WONDERFUL! I didn't see a marked improvement for the first week or so, but after that, it was AMAZING how much BETTER I have been feeling.
    My gastroenterologist wanted me to try Bendyl to relax the spasms in colon due to IBS, but I am not one for taking medications. I also have IC and with that medication, it could have interfered with my being able to empty my bladder.
    A friend of mine gave me the IBS link and that is where I read about your product Rezvera. I would HIGHLY recommend to people who suffer from IBS!
    Ya'll saved me from suffering from the constant bloating, gas and overall symptoms of IBS!
    Thank you!


    Rebecca Hinkle

    After about two weeks, RezVera has dramatically improved my regularity and eliminated bloating. I suffer from lactose intolerance and have yet to venture back into a pizza or bowl of ice cream, but plan to try that soon. I am taking two capsules a day, one after lunch and one after dinner, and sometimes a third after breakfast if I eat anything with dairy in it. Thank you!



    I am thrilled with rezvera. My first recolection of IBS was when I was four years old and now I'm fifty six with a lifetime of crippling stomach aches and diarhea that left me with malnutrition that lead to anemia and other blood issues.
    I have been taking Rezvera for three months now and I can confidently go about my day with the security of knowing that my IBS will not strike with vengeance. This product has changed my life, my job, my relationship with my wife, my energy level and overall quality of life. I am finally living, traveling, teaching, eating and experiencing life as I never have before. The results are not magic as a sedative would change your state of consciousness, but rather totally natural which results in a bowel that no longer responds to every emotion imaginable regardless of positive or negative state changes. I have tried many drugs throughout my life and this probiotic is the only true answer to my good heath.
    Thank you Rezvera.