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  • Terri

    I really like RezVera and feel it has honestly made a difference in my digestion problems. I am definitely less bloated after meals and am able to use the restroom more frequently without having to use laxatives, its not a forced feeling like laxatives gives you its more natural feeling. I really would recommend this product to others with digestive problems and will reorder.



    Will not be talking it until I speak with my doctor.


    Lyle Powell

    I bought this for my wife but could not give her your products right awat as she was prescribed Xifaxan by her gastroenterologist so she had to finish that before she could start RezVera. She has been on it for 4 days and so far so good. She seems to be responding to the Enzymes and ProBiotic in a positive manner.

    I intend to keep her on it for at least 5 months to give it an legitimate test before I start making any more statements. If is is positive you will be the second one to know after me as is the case in the event her results are negative I will also report my actual findings without any prejudice pro or con.



    Works as advertised -wish that were true more often.
    Helped my digestive system work better.


    Ed D

    Performs as advertised .
    Would be nice if other health products also lived up to their claims.
    This one does- really helped my sluggish digestive system.


    Lou Epstein

    Main problem that I have is nausea which is why I ordered your product. Still have the nausea upon getting u[ in the morning so I don't think yr [product helped me. However, by the afternoon, most of the nausea is gone but it is hard to say if your product was respsonbile as I take other products as well including Zofran,8mg, prilosec regelan and lorazapan..

    Take 2 pills a day. If you think I should take more or have other suggestiions. let me know.


    Susan Lormore

    Happy with my results in using RezVera.



    Still haven't tried your product, ( Rezvera protection) as the wrong product was shopped. All I can say at this time is that the customer service team did a fantastic job in corrective action.


    Sara Manoogian

    RezVera has really helped my colitis.



    I've been very pleased with the product. It took a couple of weeks to really 'kick in' and I'm feeling much better.

    I think RezVera is a wonderful product.