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  • Jessica

    Ever since I started using RezVera, my Crohn's symptoms have gotten much less severe. I was having pain after every meal for weeks and my Dad recommended RezVera. Once I began your product I noticed almost an immediate change in the severity of my abdominal pain.What changes have you made to your product if I might ask



    Bought the RezVera for my granddaughter who has crohn's. She is having flare-up at this time and taking medication so will probably try the RezVera when her system has settled down. Then she will see if it helps to keep everything under control.


    Betty Murphy


    I do see some improvement in my symptoms. However I have had to cut back on taking them daily as I began to have multiple bowel movements (some dierra) daily. I'm now taking every other day and feel better.



    After using the product for a month taking 4 pills a day it made no difference in the frequency of my bowel movements or the diarrhea. I do not think taking it longer will help my condition and wonder if I am eligible for a refund.