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  • elizabeth

    for pass 3yrs i have been have problem of bloating, gas, constipation, and burping i have be to doctor no improvement i cannot eat anything after 8pm at night, if try i will have constpation gas burping etc. or throw up. so to cut the story short iwant online to find a solution to this problem and i find this product rezvera and i said let me try it . it is the best product i have ever try, i have been taken this product for 3wks now, no more constipation, gas ,bloating, burping. and i can eat any time of the night, is God sending medication thanks to the company who made this product.


    Darla Mason

    This product has helped the constipation, bloating, gas, problem I've had more than anything else I have tried. I had become dependent on herbal laxatives but they were harsh on my system and hard to regulate. Although I still use one herbal laxative, it is only a very small amount compared to what I had been taking. Glad I tried this! Thank you!!


    Thomas Czaszynski

    "I have to say I was a little leery with using this product once I read about it online, I figured what can this product do for me that my doctors haven't been able to do in over 2 years.

    Well I have now used the whole bottle and I have had great results and I am so happy! It may not seem like a big deal to most people but when your life is being interrupted from something that is so normal like a simple bowl movement it gets to be upsetting and frustrating especially when all you want to do is stick close to home incase you have to find a bathroom right away. Well that is something that is starting to change for me, I will continue to use this product and start doing the things I love again and not have the worries that I use to!!! Thanks for a great product."



    I was afraid of it



    It works better than anything I have tried before. A great help for constipation and bloating and gas.



    love it



    I've been constipated, feeling bloated, gassy n suffer from acid reflux. I am taking meds for acid reflux. Since I started taking RezVera, I am going everyday n I don't feel bloated as I used to. I am still getting gassy. Hopefully that will go away soon. Doctor referred me to a surgeon n seen him today. He said no need to get a colonoscopy n to keep doing what I'm doing.


    betty lou palmer

    It has made such a big difference, not bound up like I was. THANK YOU wish I had heard of this
    years ago.


    haig michaelian

    I've just started taking RezVera regularly with 1 pill after each meal. I do take other laxatives so it's hard to know for sure how much the RezVera is helping. I do feel less bloating overall, so I think it is helping somewhat. It will take longer regular use to know for sure. So far , I am satisfied with your product.


    stanley frahm

    So far it does seem to help the chronic constipation, ut really to early to tell.