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  • Stump

    I highly recommend this product. Originally, I wanted to use it for burping, and RezVera has almost eliminated the problem. A welcome addition was that RezVera has shortened the time and intensity of the rapid heart beat I get after eating a high carbohydrate meal.



    I had to return the product since the gelatin came from swine and therefore not kosher!


    Bobbie Davison

    Soon after taking your product after a few meals, I started noticing that my bloating started to reduce and that most of all, my burping started to decrease quickly. I will be re-ordering before long!


    Pam Gulledge

    I can say it has been very helpful.


    Eugene Harack

    I just started the product and so far so good. Just trying to figure out the right amount. I think this is going to help. Thanks, Eugene


    Evelyn Higgins

    Been on this for 1 week today, some progress, slow and steady it seems



    After taking RezVera for three weeks I have less belching, gas and stomach noises, but bouts of diarrhea. Is there a diet you should follow. How long can you take



    I am still observing the effect of me. I am not totally convinced yet. I still belch out several times during the day. And I am not regular. I still have to take some supplement to make me go. I tried some days without the detox supplement and I will definitely be still constipated. I am taking both theRezVeraand DigestVera.Rezvera2 pills after meals 3 times a day and DigestVera 1 pill before all 3 meals.



    It's funny that you would ask for my feedback. I recently purchased the RezVera product with the hopes that it would finally bring an end to a persistent problem. The first time that I took the pills, I did notice a short period of relief from gas, bloating (feeling of fullness), persistent burping/belching and just over all discomfort and misery. I continued with the product as prescribed but after the inital dose, I found that the product did not work for me. I intended to follow up with you this week as I have just about taken the entire bottle with intermitten relief from the symptoms described above.

    Your website indicates that your company will refund the purchase price if I am not fully satisfied. Please confirm same and instructions for intiating this action.



    paul Callahan

    I did not see a significant difference while using this product as directed.